Pallavarapu Hari, Neeraj Kumar
CFD, Heat Transfer, Fluid Flow, Natural Convection, Horizontal Enclosure
Numerical and analytical studies of the interaction of the natural convective flows over two adjacent vertical and inclined narrow isothermal flat plates in the laminar flow region has been discussed. In the present work two cases are considered. In one case, the plates are horizontally adjacent to each other, the plates being horizontally separated while in the other case, one plate is symmetrically placed above the other plate the plates being vertically separated. Attention has been given to the effects of the inclination angle of the plates to the vertical, to the effects of the vertical or horizontal dimensionless gap between the heated plates, and to the effects of the dimensionless plate width on the mean heat transfer rates from the two heated plates for a wide range of Rayleigh numbers. Empirical equations for both the case of horizontally separated and vertically separated plates have been given.Thermal analysis and CFD analysis has carried in Ansys for above cases and 3D models are drawn in Pro/Engineer. Thermal analysis is done on the horizontally separated plates and vertically separated plates for two materials Aluminum and Copper. By observing the results, the heat transfer rate is more for horizontally separated plates than vertically separated and copper has high heat transfer rates. The Nusselt number is increasing for horizontally separated plates which mean that the heat transfer coefficient is more thereby more heat transfer rates.
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Unique Paper ID: 142532

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 3

Page(s): 9 - 16
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