Design and Development of Self-Healing Coating.
Ali Mehdi, Sumit Sharma
Self-healing materials are inspired by the several biological phenomena seen in organisms that have capability to heal themselves by themselves are catching attention in recent years. Most researchers have already focused on different types of self-healing material like concretes, ceramics and polymers. It is seen that the self-healing metallic materials has a certain task which is challenging and this is due to the high temperatures used in manufacturing. To know about the self-healing technique, it a method of repairing the damaged area of the base material or a specimen through certain methods. There are different kinds of self-healing process that will be shown in the upcoming data but the main technique that comes in play is self-healing material coating method. In this method there will be coating two kinds of metal on the specimen base material i.e., first, need to know the ratio of both metal for doing the coating in which is taken 60% part of the alloy is Indium and the other 40% is Tin and the technique it is using for the coating the In-Sn alloy is by flame coating method. Apart from that the process of the self-healing works in case of coating based self-healing, first when there is a wear or any kind of damage in the base material then the coated metal will reach to its melting point temperature and due to this the portion of the alloy settles into the crack or wear area which solidifies after some time but it is seen that some change in some mechanical properties. It showed that fatigue crack growth which have a low crack-tip driving force that will get restricted after the self-healing process, and it is observed that the crack growth rate which happened due to higher crack-tip driving force. Knowing that the challenge comes in when it comes to the high temperature that is required in manufacturing and other chemistries involved when it comes to self-healing metallic materials. This article summarizes and evaluates the different types of the self-healing mechanisms used in metallic materials and reviews on different types of experiment done and the output received from the data of different alloys and generalization of the process involved in different types of self-healing of a metallic material
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