Isolation and Assessment of Bacterial Pathogen to Determine Microbial Contamination from Different Sections of Educational Institute of North India
Muthu Raj S, Dr.Harishraj, Dr.Venkatesh, Mr.Srinivasan
Microbes ,Pathogens,Infections,Bacterial
Pathogenic microbes are transmissible via air, skin, food, water and other interpersonal contacts, and in most cases, they cause diseases and infections .Transmission of these infectious agents typically involves their escape from the host and entry into a new host. Infections of hospital origin have been gaining importance in recent years due to their progressive increase and their high rates of morbidity and mortality. This study shows to identify the bacterial pathogen and microbial contamination in the isolated areas. Methods and Materials In order to test sterility of the prepared media, the Petri dishes containing the different sterilized agar media were further incubated without any inoculation in the incubator for 24 hours at37°C temperature. Sample collection was performed using the passive sedimentation method in 150 mm diameter Petri dishes containing Nutrient agar, MacConkay Agar media. The plates were (exposed open plate) in each of the environments for one hour in each period, positioned 2 meter high. Results A total of 6 Bacterial pathogens comprising of Staphylococcus Spp, Enterobacteriacea, Bacillus Spp, Salmonella Spp, Klebsiella Spp and, Pseudomonas was Isolated and identified by microbiologically and biochemically. Conclusion Owing to the ubiquitous presence of airborne microbes in nature, they are essentially present in most enclosed environments. The isolation pathogens (Staphylococcus Spp, Bacillus Spp, Enterobacteriacea, Pseudomonas Spp, Salmonella Spp, Klebsiella Spp, and Pseudomonas Spp) from health care associated to institution constitute a great concern to the health of the inhabitants residing in institution because these bacterial pathogens could be life threatening both in students and staffs if not diagnose on time and appropriate antibiotic administered to treat these infections associated with these pathogens.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 5

Page(s): 690 - 693
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