Directed energy Weapons as a part of national security Policy for the three Indian armed forces as a weapon by 2050
Bishwajit Bose, Dr. R. K. Upadhyay
Directed energy weapons, Kinetic Energy weapon, Laser, Microwave, RMA
A country’s growth is directly related to the political stability it has. Political stability is attained by ensuring both internal and external security. Internal security is governed by political ideals and mandates which has been accepted by the majority of the country’s population in a democratic setup. The institutions like the parliament where the representatives of the population set rules and laws have to be responsible for providing the internal security. A mature democracy ensures that the country survives and grows. External security on the other hand depends upon different criteria. This involves more of diplomacy, political leadership its stand and vision, attitude of the neighbors, support in international forums, financial standing etc. An important factor which also governs the external environments is the reaction to a nation’s military might. Though this is factor which in the present scenario of global peace, no nation wants to admit openly but it is a hidden fact that the respect for a country is also due its military capability.In the Indian context, we have been pursuing a ‘Gandhian’ philosophy right from the time we gained independence. We have been shy to project our military might even to countries inferior to us and allowed them to become troublemakers for us. This trend seems to change after seven decades after independence. Many prominent scientist of the yore like Shri Homi Bhaba, Shri Vikram Sarabhai, His excellency Shri Abdul Kalam and many more eminent people have propagated that the country has to be ahead in defense technology so that an edge can be maintained over its enemies. The concept of DRDO and its labs were based on this philosophy. Today there are many private labs also who are engaged in providing superior technology for making our defence services more advanced in comparison to the other nations in the world. These technologies are commonly termed as the Revolutionary in military affairs ‘RMA’.One such RMA is the Directed energy weapon being developed by all the progressing nation in the world. Each country that is in this race is at different levels of development based on its technical backbone and political will.This research has been done to bring
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