Power Grid Protection From Variations in Frequency And Voltage
Shakti Singh Yadav, Sawan Kumar Sharma
current variation, voltage variation, temperature variation, oil level detection, islanding, smart grid, active method, passive method
As the power grid failure problems continue to persist in the country, need arises to make it more efficient and effective. This is a demonstration devised to provide such kind of a system that could detect the failure in synchronous working of the power grid in case any external supply source that is supplying to the grid is encountering any kind of abnormalities may be in current levels, voltage levels, temperature and oil level. There are various generation units that usually supply power to the grids such as thermal plants, solar plants, hydro-electric plants etc. All the generation units that connect to the grid have to obey the rules or standards laid down for the operation of a grid. These rules involve maintaining of voltage variation, current variation, oil-level variation and temperature variation within these specified limits. If there are any kind of abnormalities or deviations from the acceptable limits laid down by the grid, it then gets crucial that the particular feeding source should get automatically disconnected from the entire grid temporarily, this process is widely termed islanding. This would prevent large scale occurrences of events of black outs. Hence it would be beneficial and wise if we could have a system that would be so efficient that it could issue intimations about the potential variations in the arrangements and in addition provide the exact distance of the fault location on a feeder line from the base grid and keep the particular source temporarily on a standby basis while this process takes place. Variation of the system voltage should be around +-5% as per central electricity authority of India Regulations, 2010. This paper is an approach on devising out a system that helps the grid resolve problems related to black out situations hence making it a smart grid.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 11

Page(s): 1058 - 1061
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