An Efficient Single and Double-Adjacent Error Correcting Parallel Decoder for the (24,12) Extended Golay Code
Palla Vasavi Devi, B.Venkateswramma
Memories that operate in harsh environments, like for example space, suffer a significant number of errors. The error correction codes (ECCs) are routinely used to ensure that those errors do not causedata corruption. However, ECCs introduce overheads both in terms of memory bits and decoding time that limit speed. In particular, this is anissue for applications that require strong error correction capabilities.A number of recent works have proposed advanced ECCs, such as orthogonal Latin squares or difference set codes that can be decodedwith relatively low delay. The price paid for the low decoding time isthat in most cases, the codes are not optimal in terms of memory overheadand require more parity check bits. On the other hand, codes like the (24,12) Golay code that minimize the number of parity check bits havea more complex decoding. A compromise solution has been recentlyexplored for Bose–Chaudhuri–Hocquenghem codes. The idea is to implement a fast parallel decoder to correct the most ommon error patterns(single and double adjacent) and use a slower serial decoder for the rest of the patterns. In this brief, it is shown that the same scheme canbe efficiently implemented for the (24,12) Golay code. In this case, the properties of the Golay code can be exploited to implement a parallel decoder that corrects single- and double-adjacent errors that is faster and simpler than a single-error correction decoder. The evaluation results using a 65-nm library show significant reductions in area, power, and delay compared with the traditional decoder that can correct single and double-adjacent errors. In addition, the proposed decoder is also able to correct some triple-adjacent errors, thus covering the most common error patterns.. The proposed architecture of this paper analysis the logic size and area using Xilinx 14.3.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 4

Page(s): 32 - 39
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