strength and deformation characterstics of mechanically stabilized expansive soils using fly ash and lime
ch.vaishnavi devi, Dr.D.S.V.Prasad
Expansive soil, coarse fraction, fly ash, lime and mechanical stabilization.
This paper presents investigation encompasses studying the strength and deformation characterstics of mechanically stabilized expansive soils using lime and flyash. The Coarse fraction decreases OMC, increases MDD and CBR, but effect is insignificant for coarse fraction less than 30% to 40% by weight of soil. Swelling pressure and unconfined compressive strength decreases with coarse fraction. OMC in general decreases with % fly ash. MDD increases up to certain % of fly ash. Optimum fly ash at which MDD is highest, is lesser for low liquid limit soils. Liquid limit and Plasticity index decrease with the % fly ash, but Plastic limit decreases for high liquid limit soils and increases for low liquid limit soils. Fly ash stabilization increases the strength by 40% to 110%. Soaked CBR is not sensitive to fly ash initially up to certain % of fly ash . The deformation modulus in general is found to increase with fly ash except in the initial regions. The effect of coarse fraction is dominant on deformation modulus than liquid limit in fly ash treated expansive soils.
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Unique Paper ID: 143247

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 8

Page(s): 52 - 59
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