Pradip Arun Manatkar, Darshan Ramrao Rathod, Minal Gangadhar Bhugul
coasting, idle-stop, tailpipe
I3S is a green technology that automatically shuts the engine when idling and turns it on when needed, thus giving more mileage in congested cities. The experience of being trapped in a traffic jam is hard enough psychologically for most people. For instance, a stop at a red light at an intersection will cause the engine to cut off. When the bike is idle, no gas will burn inside the engine. Once the light turns green and the driver accelerates, the engine should switch back on seamlessly, as though it hadn’t been turned off at all. Stop-start systems can cut combined city-highway fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 3-10 percent. By eliminating engine idling, stop-start systems also reduce toxic and smog-causing tailpipe emissions. One way to combat the issue of frequently stopping, starting and standing still is a technology that can seamlessly switch your engine on and off depending on how your vehicle is operating the key role in this system is of battery. The main purpose of battery is as a part of the idle-stop system that shuts off the gasoline engine when a bike is at rest, coasting or slowing down.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 4

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