Sensitivity factor calculation for power system security analysis
Kavya G R, Dr.D.Sathyanarayana
contingency analysis, DC power flow, Newton-Raphson method, power system security analysis, MAT lab.
In this work, a calculation method for calculating sensitivity factor for power system security based on dc power flow is done by simulation method using MATLAB. The dc power flow simplifies the power flow calculations by making a number of approximations including: 1) completely ignoring the reactive power balance equations, 2) assuming all voltage magnitudes are identical per unit, 3) ignoring line losses and 4) ignoring tap dependence in the transformer reactance. Hence the dc power flow reduces the power flow problem to a set of linear equations. For this purpose an algorithm is developed which is suitable for contingency analysis for both line outage distribution factor (LODF) and Generation Shift Distribution Factor (GSDF). To validate the proposed method, the dc solution load value has been increased to match the total ac load plus losses, a manner to make comparison between the ac and dc solution results possible. The effectiveness of the method can be identified through its application to a 8 bus and 14 bus test system. The calculation results are expected to show excellent performance, in regard to computation time and quality of results
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 1

Page(s): 267 - 271
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