Performance and emission characteristics of CI DI engine using two biodiesel (simarouba biodiesel and Jatropha biodiesel) and diesel fuel
Sheshikanth, Basawaraj R Hosamani
Bio-diesels, Simarouba, Jatropha, CI engine.
The increase in fossil fuel depletion has noticed in the present days due to the dependence increase in number of automobiles and in the agricultures, power generation and domestic sector etc. Hence the bio-diesels takes place a part in replacing diesel fuel. Straight use of vegetable oils may affect the engine, which can be overcome by transesterification process to reduce the viscosity of oils. With these objectives, the current work has carried out on vertical single cylinder 4-stroke compression ignition (CI) diesel engine, to investigate the performance and emission characteristics of diesel engine using two bio-diesels namely Jatropha bio-diesel and simarouba bio-diesel in the ratio of (S50+J50) and (S75 +J25). In this study blends B0, B20, B40, B60, B80 and B100 at an engine speed of 1500rpm has tested. It has shown that the is a marginal increase in BSFC and decrease in BTE, in blending bio-diesel at all injection pressures namely 190, 205 and 220 bar respectively. Emission of CO, UBHC and NOx are lowered in bio-diesel and diesel blends. The blend (S50+J50) has shown the superior performance than (S75 +J25) blend.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 5

Page(s): 60 - 68
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