An Ensemble of Classifiers using Dynamic Method on Ambiguous Data
Dnyaneshwar Kudande
Datamining, data reduction,instance selection, Classification, weightedinstance selection,ReducedNearest Neighbor.
Theaim ofproposed work istoanalyzethe Instance Selection Algorithmfirst. ThereareWeighted Instance Selection algorithms areavailablesuch aswDROP3 (weighted DecrementalReduction Optimization Procedure 3), wRNN(weighted Reduced NearestNeighbor),which reduces theSamplesetapplied.Then themulticlassInstance Selection isuseful techniqueforreducingspace and timecomplexity. This removes irrelevant, noisy,superfluous instances from TrainingSet.Then themulticlassproblem issolvedby consideringnumberoftwo classproblem thusdesigning multiple two class classifiers and its combined output produces the resultfor it.The Boostingisuse for providing weightforeach instanceoftrainingset.TheDesigningof ensembleofclassifiersistocombineallclassifiersandlearn byreduced training set. There aredifferenttechniquesare available for designing an ensemble such as Bagging (Bootstrap Aggregating), Boosting(ADABOOST)and Error CorrectingOutputCode (ECOC) etc.Theoutputof ensemble isbetter than theindividualclassifiers.Theapproach istested with fewbenchmark datasets.Itis found thatClassification accuracyinthecaseofwDROP3algorithm liesbetween70% to87%,butincaseofwRNNalgorithmliesbetween61%to89%andtheGeneralizationaccuracyinthecaseofwDROP3 algorithmliesbetween79%to96%,butinwRNNalgorithmit lies between 75% to94%. Another observation, whenincreasesnumberofClassifiersperEnsemblethenaccuracy improves by0.5to1.5%.
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Unique Paper ID: 142548

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 3

Page(s): 88 - 95
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